• Cadrans de montres

    Signed and numbered on 100 copies
    66 x 52 cm

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  • Compression de cartes postales, 1979

    Lithograph with vintage postcards with dentists and doctors
    Handsigned and with the print of his thumb
    90 x 70 cm

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  • Compression

    Compression of plastic bottles, 1990
    Signed unique piece
    31 x 21 x 21 cm

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  • Ginette

    La Ginette (sanguine)
    Lithography signed and numbered on 80 copies
    80 x 60 cm
    circa 1990

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  • Le Rieur de Donatello

    36 x 30 cm
    8 ex.

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  • Poule

    Poule, 1984
    Drawing with collages
    45 x 37 cm

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  • Variations

    New Year Card, 1985
    Made for The Scotch Tea House in Nice
    Signed, dated, located "Nice" and numbered 22/150
    30,5 x 42 cm (open)

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César Baldaccini, (1 January 1921 – 6 December 1998), better known simply as César, was a noted French sculptor.

César was at the forefront of the Nouveau Réalisme movement with his radical compressions (compacted automobiles, discarded metal, or rubbish), expansions (polyurethane foam sculptures), and fantastic representations of animals and insects. He also belonged to the School of Nice movement.