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ALO Patrick

Patrick ALO was born in 1975 in Rome. Little interested in studies, he prefers to frequent the Italian Alternative Social Centers, a kind of artistic wasteland located in disused post-industrial places and squatted by young people organized in community. It was in this atmosphere conducive to unconventional creation that Patrick Alo learned about sculpture. For a long time he lived and worked in the walls of a disaffected Franciscan convent occupied (legally) by an association of young lay people: in Bolsena in Lazio. There, he devoted himself to salvaged sculpture: assembling heterogeneous metal waste, he succeeded in giving life to mythological characters (Phaistos, Centaur, Pan, etc.) and to a whole fantastic bestiary (archeopteryx, giant grasshoppers, etc.). Since The result is breathtaking realism and poetry. The artist humbly admits, his teacher is Caesar. Nothing less. The Ferrero Gallery (Caesar's gallery, let us remember) organized his first exhibition in 2004. Since then, other galleries have followed suit and Alo exhibits in many galleries, mainly in Rome where he lives now.