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  • L'Ange à réaction

    Print enhanced with an original Rainbow color frame
    Signed and dated 1998
    82 x 69cm

    Request for infomations
  • L'Ange dans le ciel

    Watercolor on papier with collage
    Signed and dated
    38 x98 cm

    Request for infomations
  • L'Ange de l'Apocalypse

    Print on green paper with gold highlights on panel and painted plaster
    146 x 106cm

    Request for infomations

Isabelle Collin-Dufresne, known as Ultra Violet, is a Franco-American artist, born in 1935 in La Tronche in Isère and died in 2014 in New York. Salvador Dalí's muse, she became Andy Warhol's muse at the Factory. As an artist his main subject is the celestial: Angels and Archangels populate his works.